Day 1 – Creating a programming-friendly font

I’m trying to create a “font” which I can easily tweak the looks using programming.

use rectangle to form all letters

Font planning

Using rectangles as building blocks. The letters/glyphs will be easy to draw with codes. There are a few ideas I’m trying to explore:

  • Inaccurate drawing: I find normal fonts which reproduce the result for each letter is predictable and rigid. If the same letter is drawn a little bit differently every time. The result may look more organic.
  • Animation: ‘A’ can transform to ‘B’ is quite magical
  • Physics Engine: Letters constructed with physical features using Box2D will give text new meanings. Make ‘A’ fall apart and become bouncing rectangles. Make ‘A’ collide into ‘B’ or ‘PENIS’ messes up ‘VAGINA’
  • Generative letters: Vines and flowers form words.
  • 3D words

Here’s day 1’s progress.

Day 1 progress

Day 1 progress, normal drawing

Here’s an example of lousy/unfaithful drawing


Lousy/Unfaithful drawing

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