Getting Playstation Eye to work with openframeworks

I’ve never seen such clear webcams before! The PS3 Eye is truly amazing!

By default, PS3 Eye is not supported by Windows or Mac OSX. Luckily there are drivers ready for you to grab. For PC, use this driver. For Mac OSX, use this driver.

To get PS3 Eye working for openframeworks in windows, you need to edit one line in file “ofVideoGrabber”. The solution is found in this thread, changing

bool bOk = VI.setupDevice(device, width, height);


bool bOk = VI.setupDevice(device, width, height, VI_COMPOSITE);

Remember to clean the project first and compile it to reflect the changes.

For Mac OSX, all you need to do is to copy “maccam.component” into “Library\QuickTime\”, no changes on the source code needed.


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  1. It’s even easier now. This code is older. Just change this line to this:
    You just have to get the next device in the chain now. (Your laptop webcam is 1)

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